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How Fundermax digitizes and optimizes its audit processes with Evocom

Fundermax is an innovative company offering high-quality wood-based materials and compact laminates for individual design solutions. As part of the Constantia Industries Group, an internationally active and diversified industrial group, Fundermax stands for quality, sustainability and customer proximity. 

In order to meet and further improve these high standards, Fundermax has to regularly carry out various audit processes, which were previously organized using Excel files. However, this was non-transparent, time-consuming and non-collaborative. That’s why Fundermax opted for a digital solution with Evocom.

The challenges of audit processes

Audit processes are important for checking and documenting compliance with standards, guidelines and requirements. They also serve to identify weaknesses and point out potential for improvement. Fundermax performs different types of audit processes, such as certification audits, management reviews or quality walk-throughs. Until now, these processes were organized with Excel files. For each audit, there was an Excel file containing the individual steps, findings and measures. However, this had some disadvantages:

  • It was difficult to keep track of all the audit processes and track the current status.
  • It was time consuming to create, update and distribute the Excel files.
  • It was not possible to work collaboratively on audit processes and clearly define responsibilities.
  • It was difficult to produce evaluations across all audit processes and identify trends.

Fundermax was therefore looking for a digital solution that could solve these challenges.

The solution with Evocom

Evocom is a software solution that enables all audit processes to be digitized and optimized with collaborative workflows. With Evocom, Fundermax can take advantage of the following:

  • All audit processes are mapped in a central platform and can be viewed and edited at any time.
  • Each audit process consists of individual tasks corresponding to each step, such as planning, preparing or performing a certification audit.
  • Each task has a defined responsible person, a due date and a status. Findings and measures are generated directly during execution.
  • All participants can communicate with each other and exchange information via the platform.
  • Power BI can be used to generate reports on all audit processes in order to measure performance and derive improvement measures.

With Evocom, Fundermax has found a simple and efficient solution to digitize and optimize its audit processes.

The benefit for Fundermax

“With Evocom, we got a very easy-to-use workflow tool. With only 12 hours of workshop spread over 3 weeks, I can now digitize and optimize all our workflows independently – without burdening the already scarce resources of our IT,” says Marlen Streicher, Quality Engineer at Fundermax. She is enthusiastic about Evocom’s flexibility and customizability. “I can create new workflows or modify existing ones at any time without needing programming skills. This gives me the ability to react quickly to new requirements or changes.”

Fundermax has taken a big step towards digitalization and optimization of its audit processes with Evocom. The company benefits from more transparency, efficiency and collaboration. And it is ready for the future, because Evocom also offers the possibility of using artificial intelligence based on ChatGPT to learn even more from the data and make better decisions. We can’t wait to see what other possibilities the future will bring with AI.

With just 12 hours of coaching, I independently digitized our audit processes. As a result, we all benefit from transparency and efficiency in our processes. Our audits thus create real added value.”

Marlen Streicher

Quality Engineer