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Product Development / Management

Product related projects and processes

Lead product ideas to success and organize all activities in collaborative stage-gate workflows. Use transparency and precision in communication with your customers. Manage work in development of new products in agile or classic projects.

Product innovations

Lead product ideas to success via a stage/gate process. Involve national companies and specialist dealers several times in the process to use a realistic assessment from the markets.

Product Engineering Process (PEP)

Organize the development of new products with suitable methods. Classic project management with Gantt for known scenarios or agile projects with sprints when the goal is obvious, but the path is still unclear.

Product Change Notification (PCN)

Coordinate all activities, across departments, in a collaborative workflow with integration of existing applications.

Product workflow request

Develop specifications and offers in a structured and collaborative way with people from different departments. Communicate realistic deadlines reliably to your customers.

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

Simply organize all activities via a standardized workflow and coordinate all departments automatically. Quality-relevant data is generated along the entire process. Transparent and traceable.

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