The easiest platform

for collaborative and

automated workflows

What is Evocom Productivity?

Evocom Productivity is the easiest solution for collaborative processes, project and task management in companies. Orchestration, integration and automation with Microsoft technology.

This simplicity opens up possibilities that were not available before.

Collaborative workflows in series

People from specialist departments digitalise collaborative workflows in series production – not a few, but all.

User Enablement

Companies relieve the burden on their IT department, as users independently digitalise workflows in departments and orchestrate overlapping processes.


Business users use data and information from existing applications and internationally available information sources.


All people in departments, teams and decision-making boards benefit from integrated task management, in which tasks from workflows, projects or daily business are coordinated and edited in a structured manner.


Companies are digitising processes across the board, thus creating a basis for automating repetitive tasks.

Process Mining

Comprehensive digital working methods make work transparent and plannable. Evaluations and process mining support continuous optimisation.

Benefits for companies

Elimination of waste
For each task, employees, managers and decision-makers receive all the information they need to add value – regardless of the source (integration). Reduction of queries, research and coordination.

Digitalised, lived process know-how
Living process knowledge is in the minds of people. This knowledge is documented by BPM-Tools. But does this correspond to lived practice? What if the lived process knowledge leaves the company? You only experience reality when process knowledge is lived in digital form. And if this is not optimal, then we should optimise it.

Evolution instead of revolution
Not only top down, but also bottom up. Departments first digitise the provision of the most important individual services (“micro”-workflows), which are then orchestrated into comprehensive workflows (e.g. employee on/offboarding). This gradually creates a process cosmos that is continuously optimised without losing integrity.

Productivity and Speed

When as many people as possible work in small and large workflows, a concentrated way of working becomes possible. Without distraction, without friction losses, without waste. This way of working has a direct effect on people’s productivity, because they gain more time for innovation and added value. At the same time, this way of working increases the flexibility and speed of the entire organisation – nowadays a decisive competitive advantage.

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