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Process- and Workflow-Management

The power of simplicity

Digitize workflows in hours, rather than days or weeks. Empower people across the enterprise to work, communicate, and share information in digital workflows. Distribute responsibility and benefit from meaningful live analytics for decision-making.

Easily find and start workflows

Simply use different accesses, such as process landscape, end2end processes, favorites or simply a search to find and start the desired workflow.

Simply use transparency in running processes

Process lists provide transparency to all parties involved in running workflows. Use the simple visualization of running process instances to see what has been running and what is currently being worked on.

Simply process tasks and approvals efficiently

Benefit from easy and structured editing of tasks and approvals by using views, groupings and an extensive filter board.

Communicate, inform, and coordinate easily

Communicate easily in team conversations throughout the process chain. Inform workflow stakeholders through images, videos, and documents. Coordinate people on subtasks for unscheduled activities.

Simply distribute responsibility

Simply distribute process responsibility to the know-how bearers in departments and teams. Simply empower people in the departments and on the shopfloor to digitize their way of working independently.

Simply integrate data

Integrate (master) data from existing applications that people use directly along workflows.

Easily configure and operate workflows

With just 4 step types, empower key business users to independently create, operate, and continuously optimize workflows. Easily reuse and orchestrate existing processes.

Experience, what simplicity can do for you!