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Process designer

The most easy-to-use process designer in the world

Empower people in the departments to digitize their way of working independently. Distribute process responsibility to existing departments and teams and democratize your digital transformation.

Simplicity is our USP

And this also applies to the workflow designer. Process owners in departments bring internal and cross-functional processes to digital life. They simply incorporate existing workflows into their own processes and use existing integrations to existing applications - easy.

Digital workflows with only 4 step types

Not 40, not 400, not 4,000 workflow actions. With only 4 step types, people in departments digitize small and large workflows between people in departments and teams.

Task with data

Use this step type whenever one or more people - or teams - are working on tasks with different data in parallel


Use this step type whenever feedback of several people or teams is required. Also define here how results from surveys are presented in follow-up steps.


Use this step type whenever a specific approval behavior is to be achieved by people or teams. Provide approvers with all the information needed for decision-making (data) - directly at the approval task.


Use this step type whenever you want to orchestrate existing workflows into your own processes. Or when you want to use existing integrations to external applications within process.

Easily create dynamic forms

A variety of useful field types makes information processing intuitive, flexible, and integrative. Simple field rules ensure dynamic forms. Sections structure forms, when a large amount of fields are placed on the form.

Visualize workflows simply

Complex BPM processes suddenly become simple in Evocom. Positive progressions Evocom simply displays one below the other. Negative decisions go to the left and undecided to the right. From both sides the process optionally goes back to the Happy Path (the backbone).

Easily distribute responsibility

With Evocom, you distribute process responsibility among people from different departments. This way, process know-how reaches digital workflows without detours. Adaptations can thus be put into practice immediately. Support your people with Evocom and benefit from new efficiency, transparency, and agility.

Orchestration and reuse of existing workflows

Due to its simplicity, business users digitize a variety of reusable micro-processes that can be just as easily integrated (orchestrated) into other workflows to create value.

Create a process-oriented ecosystem with distributed responsibility and thus an agile network that can be flexibly adapted to changing requirements.

Integration of existing applications

Integrations to existing applications provided by IT specialists, are easily used by process designers in their workflows. Standardized methodology makes all integrations behave identically. This makes integration easy for business users.

95% less effort

Simplicity saves 95% of the effort to digitize processes with comparable applications. Digitize workflows in hours, instead of days or weeks. Distributed responsibility also reduces the burden on your IT.

Many useful features and comfort functions

Especially for workflow designers and operators, Evocom offers many useful features and convenience functions that make it easy for people to create new workflows and extend and operate existing ones.

to repeat individual activities

to prioritize important activities in exceptional cases

to organize process run times depending on fixed end dates

for completion so that the workflow does not have to wait for completed tasks or sub-processes

steps and sections, a real convenience feature in workflow design

to calculate total run times and dynamically determine resource utilization

usable features to keep workflows running

Workflows in hours, rather than days or weeks. Experience it for yourself!