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About us

Our motivation

In many companies, peoples way of work is characterized by manual sequences, a flood of e-mails and unproductive meetings.

With Microsoft 365, Azure and the Power Platform, Microsoft offers a wide range of technologies. Many of these can only be customized by IT specialists or those who want to become one.

The know-how and experience about work in day-to-day business is covered in people's heads. Our motivation is to enable these people in the departments to digitize their way of work independently from IT specialists.

Simplicity is our USP!

Our mission

To enable people to digitize their way of work, tools have to be simple. And simplicity is our USP!

We meet people’s needs from where they are and digitize internal processes to coordinate service delivery. Cross-functional workflows leverage these micro-processes, break down silos, and enable cross-disciplinary collaboration.

With flat, operational teams, we dissolve hierarchical organizations and create a collaborative environment with optimized workloads and clear responsibilities.

Managers leverage this comprehensive visibility for meaningful live analytics, lead priorities to success and create room for creativity and innovation.

IT specialists use the concentrated functionality of Microsoft clouds for automation and integration.

We want people to achieve more with less and to enable motivation within the company.

Our vision

A digital, personal assistance for each person, which supports and moderates in all activities of daily business according to need and priority.

Integrated data of any application and service create a unique user experience and form the basis of an agile network organization.

Learning algorithms support people in day-to-day business, eliminate waste and lead important and high-priority processes and projects to success.

Holacratic organized companies, with self-organized teams in an agile, process-oriented network, have the best prerequisites for new business models to benefit customers and people involved.

Find out, what simplicity can do for you!