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Career @ evolution of communication

Change the way people work and become part of something big - with Evocom.

Culture and team spirit

We are all individuals. We have special interests, strengths and certainly weaknesses. At Evocom, every voice counts. We convince through arguments that we sustain. We have fun together. Every (working) day goes by faster than expected. We treat each other with respect and help each other.

We are eager for knowledge. We can all google and bing. We deal with high technology that is constantly evolving. Therefore, constant learning is part of our daily business. We research solutions, look at how others have solved it and derive the best for our customers.

Modern organizational methods, the daily work of our customers and advanced design options of intuitive user interfaces form the basis for offering our users a unique user experience.

Your mission

Evocom is a young company and grows continuously. And where there is growth, there are opportunities to contribute with your skills. Join us, find your place and convince the team of your skills. 

The best flow is when you do what you enjoy. And that is normal with us.  So you can set your personal priorities and expand them over time or try other areas.

In addition to the salary and other benefits, there are other bonuses based on the success of the business. The appreciation within the team is priceless.

Current Vacancies

React Frontend Developer

Tasks: The user experience of our users is perceived as simple and intuitive. With many small details you surprise our customers and put a smile on their faces. Quality is our first priority- you will be given freedom to keep your code clean (refactoring!).

What you should bring:
• Javascript, React and TypeScript expertise
• Feeling for user experience - also in detail
• Modern UI development, especially with Microsoft Fluent

Azure Backend Developer

Tasks: You will leverage the diversity of Azure Services to develop robust, secure, and high-performance features. You use database services according to the task at hand. You have experience with MS-SQL and speak T-SQL in your sleep. Software tests are written before actual code and APIs work for the FE team. Your code is constantly optimized.

What you should bring:
• Database professional (Transact-SQL) expertise
• Azure cloud native experience
• Experience in Microsoft development
• Security and performance understanding

Project Manager

Tasks: Analytical and communicative, you transform our clients to an end-to-end, digital way of working. You design workflows and bring comprehensive processes to life. Integrations to existing applications of our customers, as well as automations with the Power Platform, are also part of the portfolio. You will be supported by the entire team.

What you should bring:
• Communicative problem solver
• Analytical, good explainer
• PreSales, concepts, customer feedback, field tests

Sales Professional

Tasks: Along a proven sales cycle, which you constantly optimize, you lead leads to a successful conclusion. You will conduct PreSales and PoC workshops with the prospects - the project team will support you as needed. You coordinate campaigns with Marketing and in your "free time" you enjoy cold calling.

What you should bring:
• Further development of our established sales process from initial contact to closing.
• Participation in marketing activities
• Analytical grasp to demonstrate the added value of digital ways of working to our customers.
• No fear of cold calling

Social Marketing Specialist

Tasks: Based on our international website, for which you will be responsible, you will create and coordinate targeted campaigns. The creation of content that our prospects understand is your core competence. This also includes the creation of videos, newsletters and blog posts.

What you should bring:
• You have the potential to become an Evocom evangelist
• Love and talent to communicate complex topics in a simple way
• A confident sense of communication to attract prospective buyers online.
• Extensive experience with related tools

Become a part of evocom and change the way people work!