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Sales & Marketing

Inspire customer experience

Coordinate cross-disciplinary collaboration to gather information. Surprise your customers with the speed and accuracy of your communication.

Easily coordinate marketing jobs across internal and external resources

Customer inquiries

Coordinate each customer request specifically with other departments and satisfy customers with fast, accurate statements.

Comprehensive offer development

Coordinate proposal content from different departments along collaborative workflows. Communicate issues directly in the asynchronous process. Easily integrate specialists. Always maintain an overview of ongoing processes. Satisfy your customers with on-time and accurate quotes.

Incoming orders

Check incoming orders for validity before confirming them. In this way you ensure that defined prices and deadlines can be met.

Dealer support

Support your business partners with sales aids and coordinate their release via international business units and central committees. Use them to spur the sale of capital goods.

Marketing jobs and projects

Organize briefings and requirements into collaborative workflows with all relevant data. Coordinate activities between internal and external contributors. Manage larger marketing campaigns via agile or classic projects.

Find out how to boost work in sales and marketing!