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Find and start processes easily

From emails to collaborative workflows

Transform email-based coordination of processes into automated workflows. Reduce coordinative meetings and organize work in processes, projects, and tasks, independent of time and location. Benefit from the power of simplicity and take the evolutionary step of operational communication.

Find process templates

Evocom is very easy-to-use! That's why people in the departments transform lots of small and large workflows to life. To make it easy for users to find the right workflows, Evocom offers different access points.

Easy access via process landscape

The entry via an individual process landscape is mostly known to the people in the company and intuitively applicable.

Easy access via End2End processes

Grouping related workflows into End2End processes provides users with an alternative view.

Easy access via responsible teams

Since the process responsibility is locaed in department teams, an easy access through departments is available.

Personal favorites for each user

Users can find frequently used workflows in a personalized list, which they organize personalized.

Find templates easily via full text search

Entering a search term reduces the number of workflows available. This makes it easy to identify the process searched for.

Simply fill out the start form and start the workflow

Every workflow begins with a start form on which relevant information is to be entered. By using mandatory fields, you ensure that the most important information is available in the workflow. Field rules help to retrieve content dynamically. For example, if the amount of an investment request is greater than € 100,000, 3 offers must be attached before the request can be started.

Easily embed links to other applications

Also support the people of the organization with links to other applications. This way you offer your users a central entry point for all internal and external company applications and information sources.

Experience the added value of a single point of truth!