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Information Technology

Digital transformation for people

Empower people in departments to digitize the way they work independently from IT. Concentrate the full potential of your IT specialists on automation and integration.

IT Service Management

Don't have an ITSM system in use?yet? Then simply map collaborative IT processes, agile and classic IT projects with Evocom, store CMDB data in SharePoint and automate repetitive activities with Power Automate.

Participation in personnel processes

Easily integrate your existing IT workflows into HR or other processes via orchestration. In this way, you make your portfolio available in the organization in a process-oriented manner.

Manage IT projects

Coordinate IT projects through agile or classic project management. Use sprints to process work packages defined in fixed cycles or Gantt to organize known project processes.

Coordination of external service providers

Selectively integrate external service providers into internal IT workflows and projects. Benefit from an adaptive authorization model with users from your Azure Active Directory.

Experience what simplicity can do for your people!