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Communication & Information

Communicate in context of workflows, projects and tasks

Organize communication, documentation, and information directly in the context of workflows, projects, and specific tasks. You´ll never lose focus.

Data and information clearly presented

Provide users with all the information they need to do their job, in the appropriate form, right at the task at hand in the workflow. This includes data from external systems and applications such as ERP systems. People bring the result of their value creation back into the process, for use in further process steps or to write them back into external systems.

  • Pictures & videos say more than a thousand words
  • Simple forms for intuitive operation
  • Integrate external data easily

Conversations with reference in context

Enable conversations in context to the workflow, project, or task at hand - like chats and conversations in Microsoft Teams. Insert screenshots or mention other people to include them in the workflow. All process participants use access to these dialogs to maintain an overall view - regardless of location and time.

  • Conversations with context
  • Easy insertion of screenshots
  • Include people by mentioning them

Documents, images and videos

Create transparency and organize all files in workflows, projects, and tasks. Support collaboration and make information available where it's needed.

Checklists and subtasks

Use checklists to organize individual activities and ensure that nothing is forgotten. Convert individual items to subtasks to organize input from additional people to your work package.

Continuous audit trail

Evocom stores every single user activity in a Big Data table in Azure. Person-neutral and GDPR-compliant. This makes workflows traceable at any time and available in a continuous audit trail - forever.

Find out what context related communication & information can do!