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Live Analytics

Benefit from operational insights

Use complete telemetry and content data from processes, projects and tasks for meaningful live reporting based on real work data. Maintain a constant overview and prioritize individual workflows and projects. This new transparency offers business leaders a completely new way of moderation - top down and bottom up.

Data Ware House on Azure

Gain insights from live analytics via a Data Ware House (DWH) in your Azure tenant. Event-driven, Evocom writes process, project, and task data to an SQL database whose structure is prepared for analysis with BI tools such as Power BI.

Use progress information and on-time delivery (planned/actual) to make decisions and statements to your customers.

Analyze individual processes in detail to gain important insights and unlock optimization potential

Provide key projects the resources they need to succeed on schedule. 

Match the net workload of people from processes and projects with the availability in their calendars. This is the only way to ensure that the appropriate resources can focus on the important issues. 

Immediate interaction

Use this transparency to prioritize projects and processes. Associated tasks are given a higher priority. In this way, you ensure the actual prioritized implementation of the affected steps without additional coordination effort.

Find out what live analytics can do for you.