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Agile Project Management

Enable agile project-management for everyone

Simply enable everyone in the organization to work collaboratively on agile projects. Define userstories in backlogs, organize work in tasks and manage alignment through sprints.

Work easily in agile projects

Familiar tools for agile project management are powerful and complex. Benefit from the simplicity of the agile project module and empower everyone in the organization to achieve project goals iteratively.

Agile project with sprints or Kanban boards?

Simple editing in Kanban boards, e.g. with Microsoft Planner, is already a good step in the direction of agile working. But only the organization of fixed working time periods in sprints creates the demarcation to correct the target corridor.

Advantages of fixed time periods in sprints

Practice working in fixed time frames to prioritize project content. Project members learn new things in each sprint. New ideas and insights about what is important and what is not relevant any more. Simply align each sprint with the given goal.

Simply formulate UserStories in backlogs correctly

Always formulate UserStories in backlogs from the perspective of a potential user. E.g., "As a user, of a solution for agile project management, I simply want to see what I have to do in the project so that I can organize my work in a meaningful way and thus contribute to the project's success." This keeps the benefits transparent and focused for everyone.

Easily divide backlogs into achievable work packages

Simply derive work packages from formulated backlogs. Simply distribute larger backlogs over several sprints - associated work packages should be processed in one sprint if possible.

Simple sprint planning

After the sprint is before the sprint. Use the sprint planning feature to postpone uncompleted backlogs and tasks to the next sprint. Simply put work packages that are no longer relevant in the trash so that the list of product backlogs remains clean. And simply drag new tasks from the backlog into the upcoming sprint.

Simply maintain transparency and overview

Simply use the transparency of the dashboard to make important decisions. A burndown chart shows open and completed tasks. It also shows the workload of the employees. Another chart simply shows how well the team did in sprint planning - or how many tasks were not completed in the respective sprint (retrospective).

Find out how agile project-management speeds up your projects!