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Live Analytics / Process Mining

Use insights based on daily business

Easily use KPIs from processes, projects, and tasks to make decisions. Today, people coordinate processes mostly via e-mail and meetings. Have you ever thought about making evaluations out of it to get an insight and overview? Evocom's simplicity empowers everyone to work in a digital and structured way. This creates meaningful data that, in the form of live analytics, provides important insights and KPIs - an important base for decision-making.

Simply run process mining from running processes

Simply use throughput times, delays or deviations through process mining based on real-time data to derive the right decisions and priorities for the future from the reality of the past – based on facts.

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Simply keep an eye on the workload

Keep an eye on your high performer. To do this, simply use the net efforts stored in processes and projects and combine their workload in meetings (users' calendars) in the evaluation. This way, you determine their overload on a daily basis and with foresight, and organize work specifically to available resources.

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Simply analyze individual processes

Easily analyze business-critical and frequently occurring processes down to the last detail to identify bottlenecks and findings and act with foresight. This results in a continuous optimization of digital processes, to the benefit of all involved.

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Simply prioritize projects

Simply get an overview based on real progress data. This enables you to prioritize important projects and equip them with the necessary resources in the appropriate workload. These are important guarantees of success for achieving strategic goals.

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See how insights support moderation in daily business!