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Adaptive authorization concept

Don´t care about permissions.
Evocom does!

Evocom organizes permissions along your existing organization of departments, project teams and decision-boards. No complicated authorization assignment necessary!

Collaborative authorization concept

At Evocom, the principle applies: "Each person sees only what concerns him or her. And what one sees, one can (usually) also edit.

  • Users start and workflow templates to which they are entitled
  • Users only see workflow instances, where they have something to do with
  • Team members see each other's tasks so they can support
  • Process responsible team can edit templates and edit all instances
  • Department managers see all tasks of their members because they are organizationally responsible for them
  • Delegate automatically entitles the user
  • Mentioning in conversations provides immediate access to the user
  • Simple requests organize collaboration between cross-functional teams

Particularly confidential processes

Confidential processes are simply marked as such in Evocom. Thus, only the persons involved in the process can see the respective process instances and their included tasks. For other team members these tasks are not visible.

Extend visibility easily

To make expanded collaboration and transparency accessible to additional teams, simply add additional teams in the project or process template. This gives these teams read-only access to the content. E.g. to learn from project progress or to receive suggestions for their own (product) ideas in an innovation process.

Specific integrations for specific teams

Evocom also provides easy access control on integrations of existing applications. Provide people in the organization with targeted integrations they need in their daily work and control access across teams in the organization.

See how Evocom handles permissions along your organization!