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Evolution of Communication

evocom = evolution of communication

Involve people from where they are. Empower people to digitize their own way of work independently. For this to succeed, the tools must be easy to use. Evocom is easy to use!

From emails to collaborative workflows

Transform email-based coordination of processes into automated workflows. Reduce coordinative meetings and organize work in processes, projects, and tasks, independent of time and location. Benefit from the power of simplicity and take the evolutionary step of operational communication.

Breaking down silos through distributed responsibility

Micro processes for departments

Empower people in departments to organize their service offerings into collaborative, reusable microprocesses.

Overlapping workflows

Enable process-oriented, cross-disciplined collaboration along flexible workflows. That way your teams work hand in hand.

Orchestration and reuse

Integrate existing workflows into higher-level processes. You benefit from distributed responsibility and the flexibility of an agile network organization (Enterprise Service Management).

Integration of existing applications

Provide people with all the information they need. Easily integrate existing applications and data sources - read and write.

Empowering people

Empower the people in your company to independently digitize the way they work. Distributed responsibility ensures acceptance. Establish enterprise service management based on Microsoft technology for everyone in the organization.

Experience what simplicity can do for you!