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Task Management

Simply work bindingly

Support people in the organization complete work packages efficiently and collaboratively. Eliminate emails and unproductive meetings. Use transparency on work and set the right priorities and achievable deadlines. Think in terms of tasks.

Simply work in tasks, instead of emails

People still coordinate most tasks by email. Simply create elements of collaboration with tasks. Formulate clear goals and communicate in context, store information and coordinate work of stakeholders.

Simply work structured via filter board

Enable people to work in a structured and focused way. Use the extensive filter board to filter tasks of the same type. E.g. to process approvals, to concentrate on tasks in complaints or to distribute tasks to available resources.

Communicate, inform, and coordinate easily

Easily communicate in team conversations directly in the context of the task and engage additional participants via @mention. Share information with stakeholders in images, videos, and documents. Coordinate people across subtasks to make "mini-projects" a success.

Simply use Kanban boards

Provide users with different views via Kanban boards. Group tasks by due date, by status, or by assigned to, to support any conceivable operation. Easily drag and drop tasks from one board to another.

Simply inquire with departments

Instead of sending an email, you simply send a request to departments or teams. The request is presented to team leaders and, when accepted, turns into a collaborative task with conversations, files, and subtasks. Automated permission control included.

Simply obtain a permit

Use simple approval tasks to obtain a specific release or confirmation. Queries simply arise directly within the task and everything is documented transparently and comprehensibly.

Easily use tasks from different sources

Simply provide your users with a central location for all their tasks. Visualize tasks from processes and workflows, projects and from Microsoft Planner directly in one overview.

Simply coordinate via drag & drop

Department managers can see all tasks of their employees immediately. A dashboard clearly shows the workload of the persons. Work can be distributed simply by drag and drop. This saves you time in meetings, which you can use for creative and content-related value creation.

Everything is a task.
Find out why!