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Teams App, SharePoint, etc.

Enable work in Teams - in workflows, projects and tasks

Boost your investment in Microsoft 365 and integrate everything. Inspire people with the configurable Teams app. Use all of Evocom in Teams. Or provide Tabs in Teams-Channels for specific processes or projects.

Seamless integration.

App Integration

Simply download the Teams app from the Microsoft Store Teams app from the Microsoft Store, sign in, and start using it immediately.

Or use the Evocom connector to automate recurring activities with Power Automate or Azure Logic Apps.

Work in Microsoft Teams

People in organizations use Teams for video conferencing, topic-based communication, and collaborative document editing. Empower people in departments, project teams or committees to handle their day-to-day operational work directly in Microsoft Teams. Simply add the Evocom Teams app and independently digitize the way your team works.

Workflows, projects, and tasks in teams

Provide people in your organization with the ability to organize their work independently in workflows, projects, and tasks. The configurable Evocom Teams app enables a focused way of working.

Configuring the Teams app for every need

The Evocom Teams app enables configuration for the specific purpose of the registration card

Selection of a specific workflow or process

For example, to work in a concentrated manner in 8D complaint processes or onboarding workflows on tabs of related department teams.

Work in an agile project

Organize agile projects into sprints with user stories in backlogs and associated tasks.

Project management with Gantt

Provide project teams with a collaborative way of working, also with Gantt chart.

Simply coordinate team tasks

Help people in teams share and collaborate on their work packages.

Provide work in Teams now!