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Project Management

Simply establish project management for everyone

Empower everyone in the organization to think and work in projects. Use the overarching transparency to set the right priorities.

Simply manage portfolio

Organize each project via a collaborative project proposal and set the right goals from the start. Define KPIs and check their achievement via live analytics on running projects.

Easily coordinate agile projects

Work easily in agile projects "When the goal is known but the path is unclear, agile project management comes into play". Just use the combination of sprints, user stories in backlogs and work packages in tasks.

Easily visualize projects in Gantt

"When the goal and the path are known, classic project management comes into play". Simply work in classic projects, with tasks and milestones and visualize the project in the Gantt chart.

Simply use resources correctly

Make sure that important resources are not overloaded. To do this, match workloads in projects (and processes) with their availability in their calendars. Gain insights into which additional resources can be used for which activities. Keep the dynamics under control, put specific projects on hold and lead important projects to success.

Lead your projects to success. See how!