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Orchestrate distributed workflows along your organization

Distribute responsibility for processes and workflows across your organization. Simply reuse existing workflows in your own processes. This creates a flexible, agile and resilient process network for your business operations.

Process network | Reuse existing workflows

People in the departments have the knowledge, how things work. Empower these people to digitize their way of work independently. In digital, reusable micro processes. This enables transparency and more efficiency in the work within the teams.

Bring cross-cutting workflows to life and easily reuse existing processes - multiple times, on demand. This is how you break down silos and transform the way you work along collaborative workflows.

Transform your organization into a flat, agile, and process-oriented network.

Micro processes for people in teams

It is not uncommon for people in teams to coordinate work through emails, meetings, and office documents. Transform this way of working into collaborative micro processes. People benefit directly from transparency, efficiency, and more time for value-adding activities.

Interdisciplinary processes

Eliminate silos and organize collaboration across digital workflows. Use existing workflows, micro-processes and integrations and simply incorporate them into your processes. This creates end-to-end End2End processes that flexibly adapt to changing requirements.

Flexible adaptation by people

Simply enable flexible adaptation to changing requirements. Through the people in departments, who optimize the processes to new framework conditions from daily practice. In the background, Evocom ensures the integrity of higher-level workflows.

Experience flexibility and speed of an agile network organization!