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Tasks in Kanban Boards

Use Kanban Boards to organize daily work

Organize projects and tasks visually in Kanban boards. Reduce emails and unproductive meetings to coordinate work. Bring transparency and structure to workflows and projects with collaborative tasks.

What is Kanban?

The term Kanban originally comes from Japan and stands for card, board or document. Kanban is a method for production process control with the goal of optimally controlling the value chain. Kanban boards are used to represent work packages that organize the process flow along defined columns.

This successful methodology is also used in task management applications. Thus, each board represents a single task with various additional information. At Evocom, you combine these Kanban boards with a comprehensive filter board that reduces the number of tasks to those that need concentrated attention. This way, even with many tasks, people always keep an eye on what is important.

What are the advantages of Kanban boards?

Kanban boards provide transparency briefly. Offer your teams a simple tool to coordinate the work in teams.

Allow people to have the boards they need for the job at hand. 

Arrange work packages according to requirements

Support a structured way of working with combined filters.

Create a central location for all tasks - even from other sources.

Kanban boards in Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Planner and To Do, the manufacturer already offers simple tools for Kanban processing. The Evocom Teams App extends task management in teams with workflow and project management. Simple and configurable.

Find out what simplicity can do for your people!