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Find or become an Evocom-Partner

Evocom cooperates with leading consulting companies and service providers to achieve maximum of added value from digital transformation for our customers.

You need specific expertise?

Take advantage of the expertise of one of our partners in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Tell us about your needs and we will find the right partner for you.

Partnering with us

Use Evocom to realize added value for your customers. Bring your experience in organization, transformation, process management, Microsoft 365 with the Power Platform or integration of existing applications to successful customer projects.

Benefit from comprehensive services to digitize the way your customers work. Earn additional revenue from recurring subscription sales. 

Empower people in departments and thus inspire the digital transformation of your customers to establish new business models based on a flexible, agile organization.  

Use the concentrated know-how in business process management to bring sustainable end2end processes and workflows to life. Create new transparency, flexibility and speed for your customers.

Inspire the way your customers work in collaborative workflows, projects and structured tasks. Create sustainable added value and secure sustainable service business.

Process digitization throughout the entire organization of companies makes the potential for automation and integration visible in the first place. Create even greater added value for your customers.

Easily integrate existing and new Power Apps into Evocom. Individual Power Apps can also be used as alternative forms in workflows. 

Provide key insights to your customers' management, forming important foundations for decisions and priorities. Match resources with people's availability - consulting their calendars.

Interested in partnership?

Expand added value to your customers! Find out how.