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Project Management with Gantt

Enable project management with tasks and milestones

Lead projects to success on schedule. Empower people to work collaboratively on project tasks and visualize progress independently.

All just work together

Simply live projects and lead them to success together. A project plan is only meaningful if everyone involved works on it. Empower project members to work collaboratively on projects, communicating, documenting, and constantly updating progress. Transparency and efficiency for all involved.

Organize tasks and milestones easily

Simply define clear work packages and use milestones to document progress. Simply start with an overarching project plan that becomes more and more detailed. Through clear responsibilities and collaboration, you lead every project to success.

Gantt chart for overview

Distribute people's work easily into tasks across different levels. A Gantt chart provides transparency for project managers and stakeholders. Managers can keep an eye on the progress of strategic projects through real-time project reporting.

Kanban boards for each project

Timing of tasks and milestones in the project is provided. Simply arrange tasks according to your own criteria in a Kanban board and create project-specific clusters to help people work on them. E.g. also New > In Progress > Done.

Outlook: Rule-based templates

Classic templates save the initial creation of projects. But every project is individual and requires an adaptation of the project plan. Rule-based templates offer users a simple tool for creating individual project characteristics automatically. In this way, the project remains consistent from the start and avoids typical errors that occur during project creation.

Outlook: Data in projects

Provide people with granular data fields in projects. This makes it easy for users to capture information that will be used in processes or other systems. Even data from existing applications is easily integrated and directly usable.

Lead projects to success in time and budget.
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