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Power Platform Connector

Automate, Develop and Live Analytics

Relieve IT specialists by giving process responsibility to the departments. Unlock the full potential of your developers with a focus on automation and integration. Develop specific apps and gain insights on daily work.

What is the Power Platform?

The Microsoft Power Platform is a "low-code platform" and bundles the services Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Pages and Power Virtual Agents. These modules can be used to develop individual apps, to automate repetitive activities, to create dynamic reports, to build portals and to make virtual chatbots.

Evocom connector for the Power Platform

Evocom extends the Power Platform with collaborative workflows, project, and task management. Evocom is very easy-to-use and focused on the digitization needs of business users.
The Evocom connector enables lots of integration and interaction scenarios. For example, to start specific workflows and processes from individual apps or to trigger automations from running workflows.
In turn, Power BI is used to specifically identify progress in processes and projects and to determine the right priorities from the insights gained.

Start workflows through Power Automate

Events, such as a change to a document in SharePoint or the receipt of an e-mail to a specific address, automatically start the associated workflow in Evocom.

Automate from processes via Power Automate

Events in Evocom, such as the completion of a particular step or workflow, starts automation in Power Automate. For example, the creation of a document or the update of a row in SharePoint.

Link Power Apps in Evocom

Provide your users with a central location for all workflows, processes, and applications. Also link Power Apps via the process landscape in Evocom.

Integrate Power Apps into Evocom Forms

Leverage the programmability of Power Apps for custom applications and easily incorporate them into workflow forms.

Start workflow from Power App

Easily launch workflows directly from Power Apps using the included connector.

Use Power BI for process and project reporting

Drive process mining with Power BI across processes, workflows, and projects. Gain key insights from live analytics to provide aggregated facts for important decisions.

Find out what automation and analytics can do!​