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ChatGPT in workflows

Artificial intelligence in context of workflows

The AI-GPT field type enables artificial intelligence to be used within workflows. It generates text and results in seconds. Context is derived from data of running workflows. Standardized queries (prompts) are stored with the respective field.

Automated generation of texts and results

When using ChatGPT, the quality of the query (prompt engineering) plays an essential role. Evocom stores standardized queries at the respective AI-GPT field and embeds field contents of the specific workflows as context. This way, users always get the expected results without having to deal with the query or the context.

For Human Ressources

The AI-GPT field type supports automated text generation in seconds within a wide variety of HR workflows. For example, for job advertisements, trainings or e-mail communication with applicants. Matching of applicant profiles to the respective jobs is also available in a very short time. Even automated rankings are possible.

For Marketing

Using sophisticated queries (prompts), KI-GPT generates informative and creative texts for blog articles, success stories, newsletters or social media posts. Contextual information from associated workflows is automatically incorporated. One prompt, many workflows = identical quality with different content.

For Customer Service

Helpful answers to different questions from customers, the 5 most probable causes based on a newly entered service ticket or individual, context-related e-mail communication support day-to-day business. People gain time for creative and value-adding tasks.

For Product-Management

AI-GPT supports the innovation process and generates useful ideas or features for existing or new products. Based on the new creation of a product idea, the function determines e.g. the 5 most similar (competitor-) products in the market. In addition to generating useful product texts, automated translation also offers streamlining potential.

For your individual scenarios

Be creative. There is potential in almost every process, in every department, and for every person. And there's more to it than meets the eye. Although, the technology still has limitations and the results have to be verified by people.
The ability to use AI extensively will become a competitive advantage in the near future. The AI-GPT field type in Evocom makes this capability easily accessible to people.

Provide context sensitive
AI-GPT to everyone.