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Operations & Shopfloor

Empowering workers in collaborative processes

Reduce paper and complexity for operational excellence and resilience. Provide workers with multimedia content and interactive forms in operational processes, work instructions and checklists.

Service and maintenance

Organize maintenance not only periodically. Use sensors to make predictive maintenance calls. Gain insights to reduce downtime.

Assembly documentation

Provide workers with an intuitive user interface with all the information they need (including images/videos). Capture real measurement data and checklists in a digital form and use the information for follow-up processes or as archived evidence.

Process and work instructions

Transform documents into digital work instructions and checklists with multimedia content, process data and data from integrated applications such as ERP, PLM, etc.

Safety checklists

Identify data in digital forms and coordinate activities automatically in case of danger. This is how to ensure hazard-free operation.

Acceptance protocols

Log data during acceptance and coordinate problem resolution activities in an automated manner. Repeat the process until acceptance. Use the data for long-termevidence.

Transformation of paper workflows

Transform paper into digital, multimedia, and integrated forms with operational processes.

Enable your people with digital work instructions and checklists!