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BOMAG: How an innovative machine builder digitizes its workflows with Evocom

BOMAG is a global manufacturer of construction machinery and technology partner for road and earthworks, headquartered in Boppard, Germany. In addition to its focus on earth and asphalt rollers, milling and road pavers, and hand-held compaction technology, the company offers a complete portfolio of stabilizers or recyclers and machines for waste compaction.

Founded in 1957, the company now has six branches in Germany and operates globally with 12 independent subsidiaries. With employees worldwide and a sales and service network of more than 500 dealers in 120 countries, the company offers its customers competent and responsive local service. BOMAG builds its machines in its own production facilities in Europe, China, India and the USA. BOMAG is part of the French FAYAT Group.

The challenge: Digitizing complex workflows efficiently and in a user-friendly way

As a large, international medium-sized company, it is important to BOMAG to continuously optimize all digital business processes. This not only involves internal coordination between different departments and locations, but also communication with customers, suppliers and partners.

To simplify and accelerate these processes, BOMAG IT had already gained experience with workflows. However, these solutions were only convincing to a limited extent: In most cases, the workflows could only be used for a specific department, but could not be individually adapted by the department itself and were therefore not very flexible.

The solution:
Evocom - the intuitive platform for digital workflows

To improve this situation, BOMAG decided to implement Evocom, an intuitive platform for digital workflows. Evocom enables departments to create, manage and optimize their own workflows. With Evocom, users can design their own workflows based on the modular principle. In doing so, they can link different elements such as forms, approvals, notifications or documents and customize them individually. The workflows are also flexible and can be changed or extended at any time. Evocom also provides a clear interface where users can track the status of their workflows, complete tasks, or provide feedback.

Even new requirements from different departments were brought to life very quickly with Evocom. And this was done by the employees in the departments themselves. In particular, the departments of sales, customer service, development, product management, production, purchasing, finance, human resources, quality, and maintenance together operate more than 40 digital workflows with Evocom.



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The benefit:
More efficiency, transparency and satisfaction

The introduction of Evocom has led to numerous benefits at BOMAG. Firstly, the efficiency of business processes has increased significantly. Workflows are now faster and easier to process. This saves time and costs and increases productivity and quality.

Secondly, the transparency of the processes has improved. Users have an overview of the progress of their workflows at all times, can ask queries or report problems. They can also exchange and track data and documents more easily. This promotes collaboration and traceability.

Another significant benefit for the departments: They can now design and optimize their workflows completely independently. In return, the IT department is now less involved with programming itself, but rather provides advice and support as needed.

The integration: Evocom and the Microsoft Cloud

Another advantage of Evocom is the seamless integration with the Microsoft Cloud. BOMAG already uses various Microsoft products such as Office 365, SharePoint or Teams for internal collaboration and communication.

With Evocom, users can integrate their workflows directly into this environment and benefit from the available functions. For example, they can use documents from SharePoint or OneDrive, receive notifications via Teams or Outlook, or analyze data with Power BI. They can also create automations with Power Automate or Azure Logic Apps to make their workflows even more effective. Integration with SAP S4 Hana is also on the agenda to link data from the ERP system to workflows.

On the one hand, we as IT benefit from the fact that we can create digital workflows in a matter of hours. What’s also exciting for us is the integration with the Microsoft Cloud,” says Marcel Kickenberg, IT specialist at BOMAG. “For automations, we use Power Automate and Azure Logic Apps. And integration with SAP S4 Hana is also on the agenda.” he continues.

Jascha Hornberger, Supply Chain Engineer at BOMAG says “By transforming complex processes into digital workflows in production, everyone involved benefits from consistent information flow, maximum transparency and improved process runtimes. Users appreciate the user-friendly and intuitive operation.

The bottom line:
Evocom - the ideal solution for digital workflows

BOMAG has found an ideal solution for digital workflows in Evocom. The platform enables departments to create, manage and optimize their own workflows The workflows are also flexible, transparent and integrated with the Microsoft Cloud.

As an IT specialist, I can meet requirements from specialist departments quickly and with little effort. In doing so, I am always surprised at how much is feasible with Evocom.

Marcel Kickenberg

IT Specialist