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How Max Wild GmbH optimized its processes with Evocom

Max Wild GmbH: An innovative and fast-growing service provider in the construction industry

Max Wild GmbH, based in Berkheim, Germany, is a construction and logistics company that has been providing professional and sustainable execution of numerous services in the fields of construction, demolition, environment & recycling, and logistics since 1955. As a family business, Max Wild GmbH offers its customers consistency and versatility combined with strong regional ties. Customers receive innovative and customized solutions for small and large projects and are supported with an individual service package from all company divisions.

Max Wild GmbH is not only a reliable partner for its customers, but also a pioneer in innovation and resource efficiency. For example, the company has developed the Mudcleaner Truck, a mobile recycling solution for drilling mud from horizontal wells that saves 90 percent water and waste. For this self-developed in-house innovation, Max Wild GmbH was awarded the VDBUM Promotion Prize 2023 in the category “Innovations from the field”.

The challenges of a rapidly growing company

Max Wild GmbH has grown rapidly in recent years, evolving from a craft company to a leader in the construction industry. With this growth also came new challenges: The need for structured processes, the various business areas with different requirements and project-based working methods, the many manual processes even in horizontal specialist areas such as personnel, finance and the workshop.

To overcome these challenges, Max Wild GmbH was looking for a solution that would enable it to automate, standardize and optimize its processes. In doing so, the company emphasized simplicity, flexibility and integration.

The solution with Evocom:
process automation made easy

Max Wild GmbH found the ideal solution with Evocom, a provider of process automation software solutions based on Microsoft technology. Evocom provides an intuitive platform to create, manage and improve workflows without programming skills. Evocom also makes it possible to integrate existing systems such as ERP or CRM easily and securely.

Within just 15 months, over 60 processes and sub-processes were brought to life to support people in their day-to-day business. In the meantime, people on the job site are also using these workflows. “We had looked at many applications to automate our processes. And a key decision criterion was precisely simplicity,” says Reinhard Haug, IT manager at Max Wild GmbH. “The underlying Microsoft technology also proved to be a significant advantage. So we also benefit from automation and a simple and secure integration of our ERP system” he continues.

Max Wild GmbH

Max Wild GmbH

Max Wild GmbH

Max Wild GmbH


The benefit for Max Wild GmbH: More efficiency, transparency and information quality

Not everyone was aware of the added value for the company at first. In the meantime, this benefit is tangible for everyone. For every employee in the company, for executives and for management, who can use live analytics to make fact-based decisions and determine priorities.

Process automation with Evocom has enabled Max Wild GmbH to achieve many benefits:

Time savings

Manual processes were reduced or eliminated, resulting in faster processing of tasks and requests.

Error prevention

The workflows ensured higher data quality and transparency so that every person involved knows what needs to be done and when.

Compliance with standards

The workflows ensured a uniform and compliant approach to all processes, leading to higher customer satisfaction and legal certainty.


Workflows could be flexibly adapted to changing requirements and conditions, supporting greater agility and competitiveness.


The workflows promoted communication and coordination between the different business units and departments, with new transparency and effectiveness.

“At the beginning, we were unsure whether we could place process responsibility in the specialist departments,” says Roland Ast, specialist area manager for quality and process management. “But we have this very well under control thanks to lively exchange.” He adds, “In Evocom, we have found a partner that not only offers us a powerful platform, but also expert advice and support in implementing our processes.”

Conclusion: Max Wild GmbH is ready for the future

Max Wild GmbH has taken its processes to a new level with Evocom and is ready for the future. The company can now provide its services faster, better, and more cost-effectively and offer its customers real added value. At the same time, Max Wild GmbH can continue to innovate and make the best use of its resources.

If you would like to learn more about Max Wild GmbH or Evocom, visit the websites or or contact us directly.

We chose Evocom because it is so simple. It’s how we enable users to digitize the way they work on their own.

Reinhard Haug

Head of IT and Digitalization

Max Wild GmbH