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How CG Elementum digitalizes and optimizes its processes with Evocom

CG Elementum: An innovative company in the real estate industry

CG Elementum AG, headquartered in Berlin, is a subsidiary of Gröner Group AG and a leading service provider for digital and sustainable real estate development in Germany. Currently, more than 600 employees in nine branches nationwide are driving forward over 80 project developments in the areas of new construction, renovation of old buildings and monuments, and conversion. 

In response to acute social and ecological challenges, the company’s ecobuilding product consistently pursues the goal of reducing CO2 emissions in the planning, construction and operation of its properties by up to 80 percent, while at the same time creating sufficient affordable, functionally high-quality and ecologically sustainable space for living and working. 

In addition to the use of intelligent, climate-friendly energy technologies in the operation of the neighborhoods, the company relies on the efficient combination of digital BIM planning and serial prefabrication of building components.

The challenges of a growing company

In order to achieve its ambitious goals, CG Elementum is also driving forward the digital reorganization of all internal company processes. To this end, internal processes are constantly being optimized and adapted to growing requirements. The team of four process managers has already identified several hundred individual processes and documented them with Visio. But that was only the first step. 

The next step was to bring all these processes to life and digitize them. In doing so, the application had to be as simple as possible – both for the users and for the process designers. After all, the digitization of such a large number of processes had to be designed economically and efficiently, otherwise it would not be monetizable.

The solution with Evocom:
Collaborative task management for workflows and processes

CG Elementum chose Evocom, a collaborative task management software solution that makes it easy to create, manage and optimize workflows and processes. “It was and is important to me to establish a collaborative task management that supports people in their daily business via workflows and processes. With Evocom, we have found exactly that,” says Martin A. Müller, CFO/CIO of CG Elementum AG.

CG Elementum

CG Elementum

CG Elementum

CG Elementum


The benefit for the customer: Fast and easy process digitization

With Evocom, the process management team at CG Elementum was able to make very rapid progress with the creation of various internal company core processes right from the start. Everyone involved benefits from the intuitive usability, flexibility, and transparency of the software. CG Elementum runs the application in its own client in the Azure Cloud.

“With my team, we digitize processes like an assembly line. And we’re doing it without the support of IT and with little need for consulting from the vendor,” says Dominik Weiß, Team Leader Process Management at CG Elementum AG. “For example, we have digitized our invoice receipt workflow with over 20,000 invoices per year with Evocom. This already involves a certain complexity, since our numerous construction projects are also billed via this.”

The CG Elementum benefits in the following points in particular

Intuitive usability

Evocom's user interface is clearly laid out and user-friendly. Process designers can easily select and combine workflows and sub-processes. Users complete their tasks and track the status of their processes with just a few clicks.


Evocom's standard makes it possible to digitize individual CG Elementum workflows and processes. Process designers can easily perform optimizations without disrupting ongoing operations.


Evocom provides a comprehensive view of all workflows and processes in the company. Users monitor and analyze the progress, performance, and quality of their processes at any time. Users can see the status of their tasks at any time and provide feedback or request help as needed.


Evocom increases the efficiency of workflows and processes in the company. Digitization reduces or eliminates manual activities, minimizes sources of errors, and thus shortens throughput times. Due to the simplicity of the system, Evocom saves the company over 90 percent of its time in digitizing its workflows compared to other workflow systems. Last but not least, resources are saved by replacing paper documents with digital documents.

The bottom line: AI as a future vision for process digitization

CG Elementum is very satisfied with Evocom and plans to digitize and optimize many more of the company’s processes. In the process, those responsible expect a lot from the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), which will play an even greater role in automating and improving workflows and processes in the future. AI systems can solve complex decision-making situations in processes that previously required human intelligence. They can also learn independently and adapt to changing conditions. 

This offers opportunities to make processes more efficient, faster and more customer-oriented. CG Elementum takes a pragmatic approach to “weak” AI, focusing on solving concrete application problems. To do so, it uses Evocom’s methods and technologies, which enable easy integration of AI components into existing workflows. 

“We see artificial intelligence as an important building block of our process digitization and as a clear competitive advantage within the real estate industry,” says Dominik Weiß, who is already looking forward to further process optimizations for his team.

With my team, we digitize processes like on an assembly line. Without the support of IT and with little need for consulting from the manufacturer”

Dominik Weiss

Team Leader Process Management

CG Elementum AG