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Fascinated customers and scalable business

By digitally transforming your customers with Evocom based on Microsoft technology

Enthusiastic customers and scalable consulting business,
without IT know-howwith your consultantswith competitive advantagefor profitable business

Digital transformation in standardized series production

Die agile Netzwerk Organisation

Challenges in the consulting business

To meet increased customer expectations in a dynamic market, more effectively than competitors, while also motivating employees and attracting new talents. Benefit from technological innovations and be prepared for the age of AI.

Changed customer expectations

The increasing expectations of informed end customers regarding individualized and immediately available solutions at reasonable prices, is an ongoing challenge.

Market differentiation

In the highly competitive consulting market, it is crucial to differentiate from other consultants by offering specialized, high-quality services and in-depth expertise to gain an advantage.

The Resource Employees

Employees are the most valuable resource. Challenging projects which impact on customers are required. This motivates consultants, reduces fluctuation and attracts talent like a magnet.

Lack of scalability

Competition and customer expectations force standardization to remain profitable. Economic growth requires scalable services that benefit customers.

Technological change

Cloud technology and SaaS solutions offer more and more capabilities. However, these applications are often complicated to use and it is difficult to recruit and retain suitable IT specialists.

The gamechanger AI

Artificial intelligence is not just a trend. AI enables communication in natural language and interaction. In a while, AI and ML will complete entire work packages independently and interpret decisions.

Create and operate workflows and processes in series production


Process digitization excites customers

Use the simplicity of a solution like Evocom, to transform manual routines into digital workflows and processes.

Empowering collaborative project management for everyone


Agile, classic or hybrid?

Implement collaboration in your customers' projects. Focus on simplicity so that everyone really participates.

The agile network organization for your customers

Digital Transformation

Simplicity & AI accelerate transformation

NoCode and intuitive user experience empower people in customers departments working in a structured manner. No IT expertise required.

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Exceed customer expectations

Expand scalable business

Inspire your people

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Create added value for your advisory clients

Customer Voices

Efficiency, transparency and speed for your customers.

Successfully mastering your customers' digital transformation using available resources and budgets to exceed expectations.

Case studies

Why Evocom?
5 good reasons how to achieve more with less.

Simplicity is the key

With Evocom, consultants create and run workflows with no need for in-depth IT expertise. They do this right in consultation with people in your customers' specialist departments within a short period of time. This allows you to exceed your customers' expectations and generate attractive business.

Innovation attracts talents

With Evocom, consultants create innovative solutions that set them apart from competitors and create new market opportunities. Customers' enthusiasm motivates employees and magically attracts new talents.

Growth by scalability

Combining experience and know-how of your consultancy with the simplicity of Evocom, enables you to scale your consultancy business through standardization. We would be happy to discuss the details in a personal meeting.

Using Microsoft technology

Thanks to the underlying Microsoft cloud technology, Evocom is technically an integrative part of Microsoft clouds (Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics, Power Platform, etc.). Configurable Teams app and connector offers integration and automation.

Future-proof through partnership

When selling subscriptions, partners benefit from periodic, attractive discounts and thus from an additional revenue stream. By partnering with Evocom, you and your customers are always at the cutting edge of technology and equipped for future challenges.



Smooth processes



Do more with less

Thrilled customers

Outperformed competition

Scalable business

Motivated employees

Talent magnet



Artificial intelligence


Evocom enables you to develop customized solutions quickly and efficiently, giving you a competitive advantage. Our platform helps you create innovative workflows and project templates that highlight your expertise.

Yes, Evocom is NOcode and specifically designed for consultants and business users to create cross-functional workflows without in-depth IT knowledge. This facilitates collaboration with your customers' specialist departments.

Absolutely. With Evocom, you can scale your consulting business with standardized yet customizable solutions that deliver value to your clients. Let's talk about it in person.

Evocom is based on Microsoft technology (Azure cloud native), which facilitates the integration of Microsoft 365, Azure and other services and makes your solutions future-proof.

Through our partnership with Microsoft, we keep our finger on the pulse and provide regular updates to ensure you can take advantage of the latest technologies.

By implementing innovative and impactful projects with Evocom, you create a work environment that attracts and retains top talent.

Evocom offers tools and resources that make it easier for your consultants to effectively teach and implement agile principles and methods.

Evocom uses advanced AI technologies to enable communication and intelligent automation to enhance your consulting services.

Evocom provides you with the tools to develop creative and effective solutions that will delight your clients and set your business apart from the competition.

That's something we need to talk about. Basically, the partner who registers an opportunity with Evocom first has the lead. So far, we have had good experiences with partnership-based coordination.

Yes, there is a fixed discount. Evocom is offered in annual (except monthly) periods. This means that consulting partners benefit from recurring payments from sales. Plus service business that is handled entirely without Evocom.

Evocom simplifies the use of complex technologies and allows you to focus on consulting instead of dealing with technical details.

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