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Workflows in hours
instead of days or weeks

Business users build and operate their workflows independently – really?

Without calling the IT department all the time?

This is possible because Evocom is intuitive and easy to use!

Find out how: Schedule your free demo.

Die agile Netzwerk Organisation

Empowering people

People in departments know the processes and digitise them without detours. Optimisations are done quickly. So everyone benefits from new efficiency and transparency.

95% less effort

Due to the simplicity and straight implementability, users save up to 95% of the effort with comparable applications.

Orchestration and integration

Orchestrating existing workflows or integrating existing applications via live interfaces are identical for process designers. A unified experience. Learned once, applied 100 times.

Decisions based on facts

Simplicity provides the creation of many small and large workflows with associated data. This is essential for decisions and prioritisation based on facts.

The result: digital, automated workflows in hours instead of weeks.

Imagine where your company will be in 1 year if 1 new workflow is brought to life every week. How many workflows have you digitised in the last year?

Simplicity is the key! For people in departments and project teams.

Simplicity empowers people to digitise their workflows on their own. With little effort. Without extensive training. Without IT support.

The result after 4 weeks:

✔ 1 department enabled to build workflow apps.

✔ 1-5 productive workflows of the department.

✔ New efficiency and transparency in your daily business.

What our customers say:

Why do you need an application with Microsoft technology to build and run workflow apps fast and easy?

After many years as a SharePoint service provider, we have built 3 generations of intranets, created many collaborative applications around documents and developed a many workflow for our clients.

Over the years, we have never had more than 5-20 workflows per customer.

It was clear to me: available solutions on the market are too complicated.

That’s why, with Evocom, we focused on simplicity right from the start.

✔ Simplicity in the creation and operation of workflows and processes.

✔ Simplicity for everyone, in the daily business within in processes, projects and tasks.

✔ Simplicity in the authorisation concept, communication, files, integrations and everything that goes with it.

We have learned the following from our customers: those who place the responsibility for workflows in departments are extremely successful. Those who organize this centrally, need more time.

I would be happy to tell you why this is the way it is.

I look forward to our conversation! 😀

Jochen Baur

10 good reasons for your process digitisation

You know how things work, but you want more efficiency, transparency and agility? You would like to digitise your way of working independently, without complex IT projects or expensive software? You would like to use the advantages of Microsoft technology that you already know and trust?

Then Evocom is the solution for you! Evocom is the most easy-to-use solution for collaborative processes, projects and tasks based on Microsoft technology.

Here are 10 reasons why you should use Evocom for your process digitisation:

  1. Business users digitise work independently and efficiently.
  2. Employees work easily and intuitively with Evocom.
  3. Colleagues communicate collaboratively and transparently.
  4. Users react flexibly and agilely to changes.
  5. Users are familiar with Microsoft technology.
  6. Managers distribute process responsibility and reduce hierarchies.
  7. Coaches increase motivation and satisfaction of employees.
  8. Bosses increase productivity and speed of the organisation.
  9. Managers gain transparency and control over activities.
  10. Leaders drive digital transformation.

Questions and answers

In the 60-minute lasting demo appointment, you will receive all the information you need to decide whether it makes sense to take the next step.

We talk about your requirements and framework conditions.

How do you work today?

Which core applications do you use?

What is the corporate culture like?

Then we take a look at the application and consider whether and how we can support.

The following factors reveal whether we´re able to create benefits for your company with a high probability:

  • The workforce and management feel the urge and pressure to change and digitise the way they are used to working.
  • Technologically, your company relies on Microsoft,  an ERP vendor and other applications.
  • An ERP system (such as SAP, BC, proAlpha, Abas, or similar) controls the central business processes and is able to be integrated.
  • The IT department has realised that it ´s not able to do everything with limited resources and is willing to hand over responsibility to the business departments.
  • The management understands the potential of digital transformation and supports the use of modern methods and tools.
  • You want to learn the procedure step by step and are ready to scale process digitisation.

If you can tick off the majority of these points, then we should talk to each other.

If we jointly develop an idea that Evocom could create sustainable added value for people and the company, we´ll organise a follow-up meeting with others. Possibly we will build your first individual workflow together.

As a result, we start a proof of concept in which we bring a process or workflow to life. At the same time, we enable the people in the department to configure further workflows. For this we recommend 3 workshops of 4 hours each within 3 weeks.

Afterwards, we create an individual plan (RampUp) how to digitise the entire organisation. With internal and cross-departmental workflows and processes. With integration of existing applications and external services. With the creation of efficiency in day-to-day business and transparency for well-founded decisions based on facts.

Should we come to the conclusion during the initial meeting that the time is not yet ripe, nothing will happen. As long as you wish, you will regularly receive useful, inspiring and valuable information from us about Evocom and our successful customers, which you are welcome to pass on internally.

Compared to other products, Evocom differentiates itself through its simplicity, its focus on people in departments and the underlying Microsoft technology. Evocom enables you to create workflows and processes in hours, rather than days or weeks. Evocom empowers people in departments to digitise the way they work on their own. Evocom is cloud-native and based on Microsoft Azure technology – thus an integrative part of the Microsoft Clouds.

You can easily try Evocom by clicking Login at the top right of our website and logging in with your Microsoft business account. This will start a 3-week free trial period without any obligation. However, we recommend a joint demo appointment, where we provide real insight within 1 hour based on practical examples from our customers.

Yes, you’re able to integrate your applications in Evocom. Evocom offers various possibilities to connect it with your existing applications. For example, you can connect any application in Evocom through “External Services” using live interfaces – read and write. Or you may use the Evocom connector to automate recurring activities with Power Automate or Azure Logic Apps.

The implementation of Evocom is simple and fast. You don’t need to start long IT projects or buy expensive software. You start using Evocom immediately, using it as a Teams App or as a web application. An integrated online onboarding provides training for every new user. And through only 3 workshops of 4 hours each, we empower people in departments to build and run their own processes. We are also happy to support you in the introduction of Evocom with our 4-step model for digital transformation.

Evocom has a transparent and simple pricing model based on the number of named users. You only pay for the users who use Evocom and you can add or remove users at any time. The price per user and per month for annual payment depends on the total number of users. To buy Evocom, simply select the package you want on the Pricing page and purchase it conveniently from the Microsoft Store.